Interested in the 90 Day Year Program?
Let me sweeten the pot for you! Get these EXCLUSIVE bonuses from me when you join Todd Herman's 90 Day Year Program.
These Bonuses expire 6/14
Grow Your Birth Business Retreat
You are invited to join me August 23-25th in gorgeous Washington state, on an 8 acre property north of Seattle. If you want the highest level of business training I offer, PLUS plenty of breathing space to enjoy mingling with your biz besties, you won’t want to miss it. Only 20 tickets available!
Bloom SEO School
This insanely popular program has helped my students improve their ranking in WEEKS! Three weeks of cutting edge search engine optimization will have your business flooded with new leads. I hold your hand through every step with bite size video tutorials & homework review.
1-to-1 Coaching Call
If you are ready to get crystal clear about your goals, move from overwhelm mode to focused action and finally break through to the next level of business… you will love this! During our hour long coaching call, we'll unpack your business and see how to make 2019 your best year ever.
My 90 Day Year Story
Hi 👋🏻 I'm Emily Fontes. I’ve been a birth doula, a childbirth educator, a placenta specialist, a massage therapist, a graphic designer, a web designer, an SEO specialist, a business coach, a co-owner of a manufacturing company. And that’s just my career! Add on being a wife and mother and homeschooling my kids and walking my son through chemotherapy for leukemia. I have the sweats 🥵 just writing that all out!

You might be thinking… Emily, how do you get everything done?!

I have a confession… for a long time I was a fly-by-the-seat-of-my pants girl. I had a graveyard of unused paper planners on my bookshelf. 😬 I just worked my brains out all the time and struggled to keep all the balls in the air, even though I was making six figures a year.

In 2017 I got desperate. I needed someone to help me cut through the noise and bullshit and only focus on the MOST important stuff.

That’s when I found Todd Herman. I was instantly drawn to his technique of applying the peak performance mindset of olympic athletes to entrepreneurship. I watched one of his videos and I was HOOKED. I desperately needed his style of less "woo" and more action. He shows business owners how to get control of your schedule and learn exactly what to focus on to meet your goals.

It has completely changed the way I approach my business and I'm meeting my income goals doing LESS work. I know exactly what to work on and when to work on it. I have a plan that I can implement without feeling overburdened.
If you are ready for an actual strategy to get control of your schedule and execute your business plan, you need the 90 Day Year!
What is the 90 Day Year?
90 Day Year is an award-winning online program created by Todd Herman for ambitious business owners who want to excel at setting & meeting goals.

It helps you master the skills, systems and strategies used by Fortune 50 executives, olympic athletes and entrepreneurs alike to guarantee rapid business growth without the burnout.
Questions? I have answers!
I'm already in Bloom SEO School, do you have an alternate bonus?
I got you boo... you can choose from:
A. Two additional hours of phone coaching with me.
B. A custom print design package of: business card & rack card.
I can't make the retreat, do you have an alternate bonus?
I don't have an alternate but I'm working to offer a live broadcast of the retreat. If I can't get the live tech to work out, I will record it and get you the videos!
I'm super interested but I have some questions about how this applies to my business, can I email you?
Certainly! I've been through the 90 Day Year twice and I'm happy to answer any questions. You can email me at or you can text message me or call me at 425-750-4759 (yes, I'm old fashioned that way, you can actually get me on the line).
Here's How to Get Your Bonuses
To get your $1200+ in bonuses, you MUST purchase the 90-Day Year using the peach button below. To ensure everything gets tracked correctly, please do the following:
  •  Read the disclosure and then click the peach button below to go to Todd's sales page.
  •  Complete your purchase, then send your receipt to using the subject line "BONUS" so I can verify your purchase.
  •  I'll be in contact with you shortly to congratulate you and give you all the details. We are going to have an AMAZING time together in 90 Day Year!
DISCLOSURE & TERMS: I am a proud partner of the 90 Day Year program. If you enroll through my affiliate link, I will receive a commission which means I can provide you with these extra bonuses to make your experience even better! I only promote people and programs that I use myself, stand behind 100% and that I know will help you create real results in your business.

All of these bonuses from me, will be available after the 14 day refund period has expired on your purchase of the “90 Day Year” program. I’m making these free bonuses available only to people who are committed to following through on Todd’s course, and transforming their business!

Birth professionals who work/train for national certifying organizations OR offer birth business coaching OR offer birth professional website services do not qualify for the Bloom SEO School bonus.
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